Compassion Day Raises 3K!

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Beechboro Christian School dedicated the afternoon of Friday September 23rd to Compassion Day, raising over $3000 for Compassion Australia.

As a result of the great achievements of Compassion Day events over the years, the School now sponsors 7 children, 5 through Compassion Australia and 2 through Swan Christian College’s Swanmissions program in Zambia.

Geoff Dunjey, Head of Campus at Beechboro Christian School said that it has taken years for the event develop to the phenomenon it is today.

“Fifteen years ago it used to be a recess event, but it morphed into what it is today six years ago,” said Mr Dunjey.

“We decided to do something different as service learning and raise money to give to Compassion.

“Students began by polishing shoes and it worked well, so we moved it to lunch time and held cake stalls and ‘guess-the-jelly-bean’ competitions.

“Now we set the afternoon on the last day of term three aside for Compassion Day,” he said.

The afternoon was a great success, including a range of activities from multiple bouncy castles, a white elephant stall, hair salon, balloon animals, ‘soak the staff’, craft station, tuck shop, to a disco room and a ‘count-the-lego’ in the jar competition.

Secondary students from Ellenbrook Christian College also volunteered to spend the afternoon of their last day of term three assisting with activities at Beechboro Christian School.

One student said that the white elephant stall was her favorite part of the day.

“Some is new stuff but most of it is old stuff. I bought a soft toy, it was a bear,” she explained.

Geoff Gomez, Relationship Manager at Compassion Australia, showed the students the difference that they are making to children in poverty with the help of some incredible technology. Students queued to have a turn with the Virtual Reality, a 3D interactive headset that allowed them to experience what life is like for another child in Haiti, Thailand or Kenya, for five minutes.

“The Virtual Reality gives a glimpse of the life of a child who was in poverty but has been sponsored by Compassion and had their lives turned around,” said Mr Gomez.

“It paints a reality of a bigger world for the kids, we’re so spoilt here with so much and we take it all for granted,” he said.

Beechboro Christian School’s Chaplain, Rebecca Royle, who is also a mother of three of the students at the school, commented on the school’s unique sense of community which makes Compassion Day a success.

“Beechboro is very strong on establishing a bond between teachers and parents,” said Mrs Royle.

“We want to help kids be outwards thinking in their acts of service and relies how blessed they are and be grateful,” she said.